Kelsey Klingensmith Plays The Listening Room Cafe

Written by Karen Hampton

Kelsey Klingensmith is a beautiful and sweet 12 year old young lady from Moville, Iowa. She has the voice of an Angel and can play a guitar as well as some adult singer/songwriters in Nashville. Kelsey has only been playing the guitar for two years, but you sure couldn't tell it by watching her stroke those strings like a professional.

The first time Kelsey came to Nashville was in December 2010 to record her first album. She met up with Eddie Kilgallon to produce her record of original songs written by her. The title of her cd was, "Live, Laugh, Love". It was released in April 2011.

Kelsey has played in fairs and festivals in her home state and neighboring states. She won the Colgate Country Showdown in her area, as well as winning a title for the " Best Country Singer of 2010" at The National Traditional Country Music Festival.

She has met some amazing singer/songwriters in Nashville and has been teamed up with them to write some songs. Rob Wolf is one of the amazing singer/songwriters that she has worked with. She was given a schlorship to attend NSAI's Advanced Songcamp in June 2011. She performed around Nashville for the CMA Fest in 2011, also.

Kelsey has written a song about bullying. She has seen kids in her school being bullied, and she went home and had to write a song about it. She wrote the title song, "You're Beautiful". This song was chosen to be used in an anti-bullying program throughout schools in Australia. She has an inspirational song called, "I Am Somebody" that was written for Ty Smalley, and all the others that have been bullied in the world. Ty was an 11 year old boy that took his life after being bullied. His parents have started an organization called Stand For The Silent. They are using her song in programs at schools. "I Am Somebody" is going to be a documentary on MTV to be aired in January 2012. Kelsey has writen over 80 songs, of which 50 of them have been solo writes. She only started co-writing after attending the advanced songwriting camp at NSAI. 

While being in Nashville, Kelsey has been performing at some of the famous venues such as The Cadillac Ranch, The Stage, The Bluebird Cafe, The Commodore Grill, Tootsies, The Nashville Palace, Hotel Indigo West End and Downtown, The Listening Room and the Farmhouse at Fontanel Mansion. She made her debut on the stage at The Listening Room on August 8th. She returned on October 6th to sing some of her original songs. She sang some songs, then she had some guest join her on stage. She had Rob Wolf and Jamie Higdon join her.

Watch out for this young lady. She is going to take Country Music by storm. You can check out more information on her here:


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