As music festival season approaches, LELO survey reveals intimate escapades are a key attraction
As music festival season approaches, LELO survey reveals intimate escapades are a key attraction

NEW YORK, May 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As the temperature rises and the days grow longer, there’s a familiar buzz in the air—it’s festival season! According to the gossip, many come to festivals with a fling on their minds, and LELO decided to find out everything about sexual encounters at the festivals, with more than 1400 respondents shedding light on the dynamics of sexual encounters at music festivals.

According to our survey, 46% of festival-goers have engaged in sexual encounters amidst the pulsating beats and vibrant atmosphere of music festivals. Yet, 54% opt to revel in the festival spirit without partaking in such intimate adventures.

Among those who indulge, the tent emerges as the preferred setting for intimate escapades, resonating with 54% of respondents. This secluded haven, nestled amidst the sprawling festival grounds, provides a cocoon of privacy amidst the whirlwind of festivities. Following closely behind, 30% of respondents favor the intimacy of a car, while 16% seek the thrill of crowded areas, embracing the spontaneity and thrill of public displays of affection.

What drives this enchanting dance of desire amidst the festival fervor? Our survey reveals that 50% of respondents attribute the festival atmosphere and sense of freedom as the primary catalysts for these encounters. The liberation that permeates the air and the euphoria of shared experiences creates an irresistible allure for exploration and connection. Meanwhile, 21% cite music and dancing as shared interests that ignite sparks of attraction, drawing like-minded souls into a symphony of desire.

Intriguingly, 88% of respondents believe that the energy and ambiance of music festivals encourage individuals to express their sexual desires openly. This uninhibited spirit sets festivals apart as fertile ground for romantic and sexual connections. Burning Man is the top contender, capturing the hearts and desires of 35% of respondents, closely followed by Coachella at 26%.

Despite the prevailing openness, oral sex remains a relatively uncommon phenomenon at music festivals, with 70% of respondents abstaining or reserving such acts for more familiar partners. However, discussions surrounding sexual experiences at festivals are met with varying degrees of comfort, with 39% feeling very at ease discussing such matters openly.

As for preferred hookup positions, the standing position claims the crown with 40% of respondents, followed closely by doggy style at 35% and missionary at 25%. It’s a testament to the diversity of desires and preferences that find expression amidst the festival fervor.

In reflecting on the prevalence of hookup culture at festivals, 41% of respondents believe that the type of music and the festival’s overall vibe play equal roles in shaping these encounters. Festivals, with their immersive experiences and communal spirit, offer a unique opportunity for connections to flourish, with 41% of respondents affirming that festivals are indeed more conducive to such encounters than other events.

However, challenges do arise amidst the euphoria of festival fervor. 44% of respondents mention privacy issues as a significant obstacle to engaging in sexual activities, followed by 22% citing security concerns, 17% logistical difficulties, and 17% weather conditions.

Ultimately, the festival environment exerts a profound influence on the frequency and casualness of sexual encounters, with 43% of respondents acknowledging its significant role. Moreover, 42% were motivated by a connection with someone at the festival to engage in sexual activity, while 32% were driven by spontaneity, and 26% were swayed by the intoxicating atmosphere.

Furthermore, 46% of respondents believe that noticeable variations exist regarding the prevalence of sexual activities at music festivals between different regions or countries, highlighting the nuanced interplay between cultural norms and festival dynamics.

Festivals are a great way to have fun and shake off with dance all of your accumulated stress and worries. If you plan to have a “Free love for all” vibe, be safe and 150% consensual, especially if you or your partner had a few drinks. If you don’t feel well or don’t feel like you’re in control at any moment, STOP. You should go home with a smile and good memories, not tears and trauma. Have fun and be safe!



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