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Industry players, investors, local communities, and the general public have eagerly waited for this announcement. The series has captivated a dedicated fan base since its inception, and the release of Season 2 is a testament to its success.

Beyond the Veil Season 2 delves deeper into the lives of five resilient Northern Nigerian women as they navigate the ups and downs of modern life. Their intertwining careers, friendships, romances, and occasional clash of cultures create a captivating narrative that resonates with global audiences. It stars Jemima Osunde, Norah Ego, Ame Aiyejina, Habiba Zock-Sock and Maryam Booth.

“In Season 1, we introduced our characters and challenged stereotypes, setting the stage for their character development. In Season 2, the actors embody these multifaceted characters with raw emotions and depths. We embrace imperfections and vulnerabilities, guiding our characters to find strength and resilience through their darkest moments. I am immensely proud of our work on this series. I hope it resonates with audiences worldwide.” – Nadine Ibrahim.

The producers will share exclusive behind-the-scenes content, sneak peeks, and updates on their official social media channels to keep loyal viewers engaged and informed. Follow them on Instagram at @Beyondtheveil_series to stay connected with the latest news and surprises.

Naila Media is a production studio founded by British-Nigerian filmmaker Nadine Ibrahim. With a strong focus on authenticity, diversity, and creativity, Naila Media strives to push the boundaries of storytelling to local and global audiences. From thought-provoking documentaries and films to visually stunning advertising campaigns, Naila Media is dedicated to delivering content that leaves a lasting impact.

Nadine Ibrahim is a Nigerian filmmaker based in Nigeria and the UK. She is known for her insightful films and documentaries, which have received critical acclaim internationally. Her works have been screened at various film festivals and platforms worldwide, gaining recognition for their poignant and thought-provoking narratives.

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