Brewing Change: Kit NA Brewing Announces ‘TUNED IN To Mental Health’ Initiative

PORTLAND, Maine, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As May approaches, signaling Mental Health Awareness Month, Kit NA Brewing is proud to announce their latest program: Kit NA’s TUNED IN To Mental Health. Kit NA’s TUNED IN To Mental Health is a powerful initiative aimed at shedding light on and reducing the stigma associated with mental health. This impactful program from Kit NA Brewing is in collaboration with Kit’s mental health organization partner, Sound Mind Live.

At the heart of Kit NA’s TUNED IN To Mental Health is a commitment to inspire consumers to take action. Through the partnership with Sound Mind Live, a prominent mental health organization, consumers are empowered to support mental health initiatives by making donations. These contributions assist in amplifying resources and awareness, paving the way for a brighter future. Donations ranging from $15$50 and beyond receive exclusive items such as Kit NA’s Tuned In to Mental Health bracelets and t-shirts, rewarding contributors for their support.

Visitors to Kit’s website will discover a dedicated landing page transformed into an extensive mental health resource hub and marketplace. Consumers are able to access a wealth of resources and helplines for mental health support, alongside a curated Spotify playlist, designed to foster mindfulness and self-care. Additionally, consumers are provided with the opportunity to download a self-care checklist, empowering them to prioritize their well-being.

Kit NA’s TUNED IN To Mental Health extends beyond its online presence; this initiative will be brought to life experientially at music festivals, starting with Sound Mind Live’s Mental Health Music Festival on May 18th, in Brooklyn, NY. Additionally, Kit NA’s TUNED IN To Mental Health will also have a presence in retail spaces, ensuring widespread availability and enabling opportunities for consumers to contribute in creating a world where well-being is top priority.

For more information on Kit NA Brewing’s TUNED IN to Mental Health initiative, please visit Follow Kit on Facebook and Instagram at @kitnabrewing, and join the newsletter to be the first to know about programs, future expansion, and updates.

About Kit NA Brewing:
Kit NA Brewing, founded in 2021 by co-founders Rob Barrett and Will Fisher, makes 6x award-winning, crushable, craft-brewed non-alcoholic beer for everyone and every occasion. Available in 3 different flavors: On Your Mark (Blonde), Get Set (Wheat) and Here We Go (Hazy IPA), Kit NA Brewing’s mission is to offer high-quality craft beer without the buzz, that does not compromise on taste or quality. #HaveAKit

About Sound Mind Live:
Sound Mind Live is a non-profit organization that fosters community, dialogue, and action around mental health through the power of music. Sound Mind programs and events create safe spaces where music and open conversations about mental health coexist through collaboration between artists, audiences, and organizations to provide earlier intervention on mental health support and create supportive communities. Find out more at

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