Curated Audio Bringing Great Music and Concierge Service to Homes in Chicago and the Northern Suburbs

EVANSTON, Ill., May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Curated Audio ( is bringing great music and audio quality to homes in the northern suburbs and Chicago so the music sounds exactly how the musicians intended when they recorded it. They serve as “audio concierges” providing the highest quality, customized home audio systems at a reasonable cost. Curated Audio located at 8214 McCormick Blvd. in Skokie opened in 2023 to fill a void. Today there is an abundance of high-tech audio equipment available that provides remarkable sound quality. There are many good choices. However, there is little personal service or guidance available to help people chose, design, install and maintain the audio systems. Curated Audio launched to fill that void by providing personalized and attentive “white glove” service to every customer.

“We want to be your trusted guide and find the best match of equipment for you and install it properly so you get the sound quality and personalized music experience you want in your home for years to come,” said Chris Pickering, President of Curated Audio. “Our talented staff members all have at least 25 years of experience in the field and are passionate about music. We create a home audio experience that is akin to sitting in the seventh-row center at the Chicago Symphony or seeing the Rolling Stones perform at a small, intimate club.”

Curated Audio staff members meet with customers to discuss their audio needs, desires and budget. They bring different pieces of equipment to people’s homes so they can hear how it sounds in their own space. Then they design and install a custom audio system as well as help customers install the apps on their phone or tablets. They focus on making the installation, set up, and learning process as easy as possible. All of this is included in the equipment purchase price.

Curated Audio hosts monthly open houses at its store in Skokie where people can test different audio options in the store. They want the store to be a gathering place for people who love and appreciate listening to music.

Curated Audio was inspired by Pickering’s experience working part time at Audio Consultants in downtown Evanston as a young man. The store provided audio equipment and outstanding customer service for more than 50 years but closed when owner, legendary Simon Zreczny retired. 

“The wonderful relationships the staff built with customers there lasted for decades. We all bonded over our shared love of music. This is what we are trying to recreate in 2024. Some of the people who worked there now work for Curated Audio,”  said Pickering.

Curated Audio provides special purchase programs for professional musicians, music schools and music students as well as builders and designers. For more information, please go to the website at (  or call them at (847) 867-5309. 

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