Drofa Comms listed as one of the UK’s Fastest-Growing PR Agencies
Drofa Comms listed as one of the UK’s Fastest-Growing PR Agencies

LONDON, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ —  Drofa Comms has been named one of the fastest-growing PR agencies in the UK by PRovoke Media, ranking third among all PR agencies in the United Kingdom and seventh globally. Drofa Comms makes financial companies and their leaders known since 2011 by showcasing their products and services, enabling people worldwide to benefit from them

The agency’s rapid growth is a clear indicator of industry demand. According to the latest research, people worldwide are less likely to trust the financial services and banks they use. The vast majority of people in the UK cannot fully rely on any financial company (from a PA Consulting survey of 1,500 people), and the level of trust among EU users is no higher than 30% according to the FS Trust Index.

Compared to 2022, Drofa Comms has doubled its number of clients, highlighting the market’s demand from a business perspective. Drofa Comms notes that the majority of clients turn to PR services to build their reputations. Businesses prefer continuous professional support over sporadic press releases, recognising the current market shift towards a new era in finance, where each entity strives to carve out its niche.

Drofa Comms helps brands properly leverage PR as a tool to strengthen their businesses – articulating their messages effectively, showcasing their technological advancements, data insights, and security measures in the media and professional communities.

“We are happy that Drofa Comms is chosen by major fintech brands and fast-growing start-ups,” Valentina Drofa, CEO of Drofa Comms said. “Previously, we had to emphasise to our clients the critical role of communications, today, it is universally acknowledged and understood. By entrusting us with their communications needs, our partners can make sure their audience understands what they offer and can build a strong reputation, which converts into sustainable client growth.”

PRovoke Media was founded in 2000 by Paul Holmes, a PR industry veteran of over 30 years. The media outlet is known for in-depth reporting and analysis of PR trends and global presence through various events and awards.

Drofa Comms is a PR firm for eminent financial and fintech brands headquartered in London at Rise, created by Barclays. Since 2011, Drofa Comms has brought founders and their ventures into the worldwide spotlight, crafting compelling brand identities and communicating them to diverse audiences.

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