Elektragaaz Serves Up Another EP of Sonic Delights with Your Own Private Cinema, Part 3
Elektragaaz Serves Up Another EP of Sonic Delights with Your Own Private Cinema, Part 3

NEW YORK, May 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The acclaimed progressive electronic multi-fusion group Elektragaaz now follows up the brilliance of its recent immersive audio EP, Kino Chatoyant with Your Own Private Cinema, Part 3, an all- new sparkling addition to its growing catalog of spatial audio delights. The Dolby Atmos version of Your Own Private Cinema, Part 3 is available for download exclusively at Immersive Audio Album. The new EP is also available in stereo on all major music platforms including in CD quality on select platforms. Among the six songs that comprise Your Own Private Cinema, Part 3 is the funky electronica of “Down at Mingo Junction,” and the gothic shadows of “Her Living Face, Her Dead Eyes, Her Red, Red Lips.” Also included on the EP are “What the Watchman Saw” with the flavor of a Marvel movie soundtrack and “The Secret of the Old Summer House” which offers a novel and haunting post-disco noir flavor. Rounding out Your Own Private Cinema, Part 3 are the futuristic vibes of “Time Traveler” and a loving nod to the bustle of a great city with “Downtown Manhattan Midsummer”.

For those not familiar with spatial audio like Dolby Atmos, stereo sounds like a stage with two speakers, left and right. That’s where all the action happens, and sounds can be spread across that stage but they all stay flat, moving only from left to right. Spatial audio is more like a whole theater. Sounds can come from all around you, including above and behind you. It creates a three-dimensional bubble of sound that puts you right in the middle of the action. The music of Elektragaaz with its huge variety of sonic colors including both electronic instrumentation and more traditional instrumentation, while already brilliant in ordinary stereo, takes to immersive audio like a duck to water.

Founded in 2017, Elektagaaz combines the electronic compositions of a mysterious and reclusive Frisian composer who goes by the pseudonym of Poppo Redband with instrumental contributions on a variety of instruments from some of the very finest musicians from the New York metropolitan area

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