Fear not, Homer will keep strangling Bart on The Simpsons

The Simpsons producer James L. Brooks says that Homer will continue strangling Bart on the long-running animated series.

Homer Simpson has been strangling Bart for over thirty years, and despite rumours to the contrary, he’ll keep doing it. An odd thing to say about child abuse, but here we are.

A recent episode of The Simpsons suggested that Homer’s days of strangling Bart had come to an end. In the episode McMansion & Wife, which aired on October 22nd, Homer shakes the hand of his new neighbour, who comments that Homer had “quite a grip” when they shook hands. “See, Marge, strangling the boy has paid off,” Homer said to his wife. “Just kidding, I don’t do that anymore. Times have changed.

This prompted fans to believe that The Simpsons would be putting an end to the long-running “gag,” with some applauding the action and others criticizing it. However, series co-developer and producer James L. Brooks told People that nothing has changed with the series. “Don’t think for a second we’re changing anything,” Brooks said. “Nothing’s getting tamed. Nothing, nothing, nothing. He’ll continue to be strangled—[if] you want to use that awful term for it. He’ll continue to be loved by his father in a specific way.

However, fans have noted that Homer hasn’t actually strangled Bart on The Simpsons for several years, with the last instance taking place during the show’s 31st season. The show has changed in a number of ways over the years, most notably recasting certain characters of colour with the appropriate actors. In the case of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, who was voiced by Hank Azaria, the character hasn’t spoken in five years and has been downgraded to a background character.

The Simpsons was renewed for two more seasons (35 & 36) earlier this year alongside Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers. “With this trio of renewals, we celebrate excellence in animation on Fox, our wonderful, long-time partnership with 20th Television and the brilliant creators and incredible voices behind these forever favorites,” said Michael Thorn, Fox Entertainment’s president of scripted programming. “Three-plus decades of ‘The Simpsons,’ more than two decades of ‘Family Guy’ and over a decade of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ proves the enduring power of the animation genre on our network and the infinite fan affinity for these outrageously funny comedy classics.

Should Homer be able to keep strangling Bart or should The Simpsons actually put an end to the practice?


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