Gaudio Lab Unveils Key AI Audio Tech for Spatial Computing Era at MWC 2024
Gaudio Lab Unveils Key AI Audio Tech for Spatial Computing Era at MWC 2024

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Gaudio Lab, a leading AI audio technology company, is set to participate in MWC 2024 to showcase innovative AI audio technologies that will be essential for the new era of spatial computing.

Gaudio Lab will host its booth in the KOTRA Korea Pavilion at MWC Barcelona, where attendees can have a sneak peak of the key audio technologies awaiting them in the coming era of spatial computing. Spatial computing involves systems that seamlessly connect digital and physical realities. As big tech giants such as the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 have launched related devices, seamless connection between spaces has emerged as a key issue for development.

Gaudio Lab invites visitors to explore groundbreaking innovation at the booth first-hand, including Just Voice, which removes background noises and enhances the sound quality at an instant, for an immersive audio experience. Also featured is FALL-E with its world-wide reputation for its high-quality automatic sound generation from image inputs. Notably, FALL-E was also showcased to Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella during his visit to Gaudio Lab’s CES booth in January, who remarked “amazing”, after experiencing the technology. Last, but not least, Gaudio Sing, a real-time karaoke converter that turns any original music into its karaoke track.

In conjunction with its participation in MWC, Gaudio Lab has announced the launch of Just Voice Lite, a real-time voice boosting application. A CES 2024 Innovation Award winner and SXSW 2024 Innovation Award finalist, Just Voice Lite is based on proprietary technology that can reduce the fatigue of video conferencing dramatically by removing unwanted noise or enhancing voices in real-time. It also makes video content more accessible for people who use hearing aids or have difficulty hearing dialogue. It is currently released as a free PC application for anyone to download and use. The technology will also be applied to NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM’s Whale Browser in recognition of its high quality and ease of integration.

In addition, Gaudio Lab has been invited to participate in South by Southwest (SXSW) 2024, the world’s largest multi-disciplinary arts festival, held this March in Austin, Texas. Gaudio Lab has been named a finalist in the Audio Experience category of this year’s SXSW Innovation Awards and will be showcasing its technology on-site. The results will be revealed on March 11th, local time.

Gaudio Lab has always had a heart to contribute to the world with good sound, and I am glad that it has been recognized by the world’s leading exhibitions and festivals,” said Henney Oh, CEO of Gaudio Lab. He added, “From now on we plan to launch various B2C apps and services so that every user can enjoy our technology, starting with Just Voice Lite.”

About Gaudio Lab

Gaudio Lab is a leading AI audio technology start-up that was founded in 2015 following the company’s spatial audio technology for headphones was adopted as the binaural renderer for the ISO/IEC MPEG-H Audio standard in 2014. Ever since its establishment, the company has worked to develop technologies to deliver superior audio experiences wherever there is sound, gaining the attention and support from top global strategic investors such as Softbank Ventures, Samsung Venture Investment and Naver Corp. Across and between reality and virtual reality, Gaudio Lab’s solutions will continue to provide optimized audio on a diverse range of platforms such as earbuds, smartphones, VOD, VR/AR, theaters, automotives and more. Gaudio Lab secured two consecutive CES Innovation Awards (2024/2023), adopted the ANSI/CTA international standard (2022), and obtained recognition through the adoption of the ISO/IEC MPEG-H international standard (2018, 2013). The company was also honored with the VR Awards for the Best VR Innovation Company in London (2017).

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