Hunan TV released “Singer 2024” to help Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges with music as a bridge

CHANGSHA, China, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Singing out loud to greet the world, as there is no limit to the music! As a borderless “language”, music can directly reach the deepest spot of the souls of varies of people from different countries. As the top 1 variety show on music, “Singer 2024” has always maintained an international vision and pattern, and grafted Chinese and foreign cultural bridges with music.

As a sequel of the series “Singer”, “Singer 2024” has further enhanced its international vision, opened the door to the internationalization of Chinese music, and invited new powers into the Chinese music circle.

As soon as the program was broadcast, # Singer2024 live # # Singer 2024 first round of performance # # Chante Moore All Rise # Faouzia Crazy Stage # and other related topics became quickly most searched hot topics on major media platforms. By the time of press release, the show had collected 2,572 most searched hot topics across the network, 1,636 most searched hot topics on Weibo, more than 1.24 billion views on Weibo topics, and more than 4.08 billion views on TikTok topics. The popularity skyrocketed, and netizens have said that “it was really a top-notch variety show on music”, “maintaining the consistent high standards of the series SINGER” and “each stage is remarkable and praiseworthy.”.

In the first episode, American singer Chanté Moore won the first champion with a jazz-style “If I Ain’t Got You”; Moroccan singer Faouzia’s “Crazy” of a very Latin tropical style has ignited the whole scene and secured her the second place. Na Ying’s “Silence”, Yang Chenglin’s “Take Me Away”, Wang Sulong’s “Thinking of Us” and Hailai Ahmu’s “Your myriad of Rivers and thousands of Hills” have interpreted the multiple romances of “Chinese” love songs with varies of musical styles. A local Chinese rock band, Second Hand Rose, has reigned the stage with “Playing with Monkeys”.

As a well-known variety show on music both at home and abroad, the “Singer” series has invited many international singers to join, such as Kazakhstani singer Dimash, British singer Jessie J, etc., which not only shows the “Singer” ‘s respect and love for the music of all nationalities in the world, but also sends a sincere “invitation letter” from “Singer” to the world.

Meanwhile, the “Singer” series also has a considerable overseas audience market. Through the cooperation and exchanges with international singers, it has actively promoted Chinese music culture and brought Chinese music to a broader stage.

Encounter music with rejoice while embracing the world. “Singer 2024” has applied the music as a bridge to enhance friendship, welcomes outstanding singers from all over the world with an open and inclusive attitude, so that domestic and foreign audiences can fully appreciate the charm of different music cultures and feel the unique power of music.

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