JoBlo’s 25th Anniversary Bobblehead winners announced!

We’ve chosen the 10 winners of our exclusive JoBlo 25th Anniversary Bobblehead contest! is one of the last genuinely independent movie websites, and one of the things we pride ourselves on is how many regular visitors we have that visit the site every day. Many websites have gotten bought out or, sadly, gone defunct, but twenty-five years since it was started, JoBlo remains as vital as ever and is indeed the last of the independents. 

Recently, we ran a contest where we were giving away 10 of our EXCLUSIVE OFFICIAL JOBLO BOBBLEHEADS, which many of us who work for the site have sitting on our desks. To note, these Bobbleheads CANNOT BE PURCHASED. This was an EXCLUSIVE OFFER for our fans.

And the winners are:

  1. Cody K.
  2. Moises H.
  3. Raylen S.
  4. James B.
  5. Simon H.
  6. Angelo M.
  7. Frank C.
  8. Geoffrey B. (aka Solitaire)
  9. Tom J.
  10. Matthew M.

All the winners have been notified by email and need to respond back to us within 72 hours with their snail-mail address.

We appreciate all the kind words from everyone who entered the contest. Some of the write-ups were incredibly touching, so we wanted to share a few lines from a couple of our favorites:

“It’s remarkable for a website to change someone’s life the way it has for me. I visit JoBlo 2-3 times a day, scrolling through the main page for the latest articles and wanting to be in the know immediately. It is where I get my movie news and it is where reviews still speak to me the most – I like to imagine my taste in movies is comparable to the majority of the writers here to the point where I always debate applying for a job with them whenever a listing goes up. From changing the menu/homepage format every few years to the more recent YouTube videos – JoBlo has continued to grow and expand its crew and the way they discuss movies and media as well as expand their audience (I’d like to believe!). It’s fascinating to see the comments section on Facebook and see how fans have discussions beyond the message boards of days past.” – Cody K.

“I’ll keep it simple. This has always been my go-to movie site, hands down. It doesn’t really matter if I get a bobblehead actually, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you guys for keeping this site alive for so long. I know you have to thank the readers but the credit is yours: your devotion and passion kept us coming back.” – Moises H.

“I want the team at to know the profound impact they’ve had on a person from a different corner of the world. Berge, Jimmy O, Chris Bumbray and everyone on the team – your work has been a beacon for me, and I am eternally grateful. While I yearn for the days when I knew every writer on the site by name, I take solace in knowing that this place continues to serve as my refuge, a source of comfort and distraction in the face of life’s trials. I was, am, and will always remain, a devoted fan. Thank you for sharing this site with us and for keeping it alive all these years.” – Raylen S.

“I just have to say JoBlo and the people who run it and visit it, make it feel like home. Where regardless of what you like, we all love movies. None of this DC vs Marvel bullsh*t. None of this tribal nonsense where people verbally abuse one another to feel a sense of moral superiority over their preference in movies that has permeated film discussion online.” – James B.

“JoBlo still feels like a conversation with a friend, sitting around eating pizza and having a game night. While it’s cool to see its status grow over the decades, I’m glad the attention hasn’t driven the site’s head up its own ass. (Hey, I said it’s like talking to a friend, didn’t I?).” – Frank C.

“I also like that it seems very anti hate and anti bullying. I recall when Zack Snyder had his family tragedy and the site warned us not to be “a disrespectful douchebag”. It’s easy to be a keyboard warrior. I also share the same sentiment of not throwing a film under the bus before they’ve filmed a single frame. In short: JoBlo is fair and empathetic to filmmakers and films without compromising their honest opinion on films that aren’t very worthy.” – Matthew M.

And now, to get a little personal…

I started visiting the site shortly after Berge Garabedian created it in 1998 (25 years sure goes by fast). I vividly remember sharing links from the site over ICQ (remember that one?) with my pals before, years later, getting my first job as a film critic with the site. The first movie I ever reviewed was the now-forgotten flick The Martian Child (read my review, which was written in the days before Grammarly, here). I was so excited just to be reviewing movies back them, and I had NO IDEA how much I would be allowed to grow with the site, thanks to Berge’s mentorship (honestly, folks – he’s been ONE HELL OF A GOOD BOSS). It’s been extremely good to me over the years, and I’m proud to now serve as the editor-in-chief. 

Check out these awesome pics we captured during our celeb encounters over the years:

The look on our EICs face says it all doesnt it
Baby Ryan Reynolds circa Van Wilder with JoBlo himself
EIC Chris Bumbray meets his hero Tom Cruise
Our EIC meets Tarantino
Berge loved Roger Ebert but had to tell him how wrong he was about Fight Club

Here’s a blast from the past with some screenshots from the different eras of JoBlo:

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