John Wick Experience to welcome would-be assassins to the High Table in Las Vegas for an interactive attraction
John Wick Experience to welcome would-be assassins to the High Table in Las Vegas for an interactive attraction

Lionsgate is opening its fourth activation in Las Vegas with the John Wick Experience, allowing guests to become assassins and more!

Last Updated on February 21, 2024

Lionsgate is partnering with AREA15 to hit the Las Vegas Strip with another attraction that brings you closer to the studio’s films. What are they up to this time? Oh, just a little event called the John Wick Experience! You heard me! It’s time to get fitted for bulletproof attire, leave your pup with a friendly concierge, and take your seat at the High Table! John Wick mastermind Chad Stahelski and his 87Eleven Entertainment team are on the ground floor of the activation’s design, alongside Egan Productions for 12K square feet of space on the AREA15 campus.

The John Wick Experience welcomes guests through the Las Vegas Continental doors and into a world where bartenders serve death with chilled wine, and allegiances are as fragile as a Faberge egg. As a part of the experience, guests navigate an intense adventure and visit a themed bar and retail shop open to the public.

Each group of guests accepts distinctive missions related to the John Wick mythology, with many familiar elements from the billion-dollar-grossing film franchise. Missions include social elements like canoodling with Continental staff members, assassins, crime bosses, and other shady characters roaming the hallowed halls of the fabled hotel.

“It’s always gratifying to see people embrace your story and characters, whether on the big screen or with a fully immersive experience like this one,” said Stahelski about expanding the John Wick universe to an interactive experience. “The teams at Lionsgate, AREA15 and Egan really dive into this world, and I’m excited that fans will experience it live in Vegas.”

“One of the things I love about the John Wick franchise is the idea that there’s a whole world of alliances and vengeance hiding in plain sight – all converging within the worldwide locations of the Continental. This experience draws fans into that world like never before, and AREA15 is an ideal place for fans to live out the fantasy, action and danger portrayed in the films,” said Jenefer Brown, EVP & Head of Global Products and Experiences at Lionsgate.

The John Wick Experience joins Lionsgate’s other activations, including attractions for SawBlair Witch, and The Hunger Games. The latest addition to Lionsgate’s Vegas offerings is as close as you can get to feeling like you’re a part of the John Wick universe without getting arrested or hunted by your associates. Good luck!

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