L+R Launches Emerging Technology Accelerator Program with Apple Vision Pro for SMBs and Enterprises
L+R Launches Emerging Technology Accelerator Program with Apple Vision Pro for SMBs and Enterprises

L+R’s launch of ETAP meets a growing market demand, underscored by Apple CEO TIm Cook’s recent earnings call statement that “more than 50 percent of Fortune 100 companies have already purchased Apple Vision Pro units.”

Program Overview

L+R’s ETAP offers forward-thinking leaders in large organizations hands-on educational workshops and customized proofs of concept in real-world applications of emerging technologies, including AI, blockchain, and spatial computing. The launch of this program with the Apple Vision Pro marks a significant milestone in the firm’s advancement of spatial computing capabilities.

Program Structure and Benefits

L+R’s ETAP, Apple Vision Pro Cohort includes:

  • Educational Workshop: Learn the fundamentals and applications of spatial computing, utilizing Apple Vision Pro for both technical and strategic purposes.
  • Applied Imagination Session®: Experts from L+R’s strategy, design, and engineering departments will help participants generate ideas and uncover synergies by enhancing their domain expertise with L+R’s technical knowledge.
  • Proof of Concept Creation: L+R’s award-winning production team will develop a proof of concept to showcase practical applications, fostering an innovation culture and encouraging stakeholder buy-in.

Participants will also have the opportunity to experience the Apple Vision Pro devices at L+R’s global studios in Brooklyn, Barcelona and Milan, or during visits to Cohort members’ offices worldwide.

Alex Levin, L+R’s co-founder and Director of Strategy, stated, “Envisioning the potential of new technologies can be challenging for those who haven’t experienced them firsthand. That’s why L+R’s ETAP emphasizes education and creative collaboration at its core. We offer the guidance and expertise necessary to transform innovative ideas into practical applications, making our program uniquely advantageous.”

Market Context

Innovations in technology are continuously evolving, influencing the trajectory of companies. Adapting to new technologies can be challenging, and integrating them effectively into business operations requires careful consideration. The global augmented reality market is steadily expanding, with the AR hardware market expected to reach $2.4 billion in 2023, growing at a rate of 126.7% according to Statista. The Apple Vision Pro, featuring 23 million pixels, a 3D display system, and micro-OLED technology, represents a significant advancement and is a key player of this growth. Additionally, the recent partnership announcement between Google and Magic Leap highlights the ongoing momentum and collaboration within the AR industry.

L+R’s ETAP is designed to address these challenges and opportunities by providing a structured approach to exploring and implementing cutting-edge technologies.

Application Process

The program is now open for applications. Interested individuals are invited to submit their applications on behalf of their organizations. Participants will be selected on a rolling basis starting June 5, 2024, with rolling acceptance notifications.

To learn more and apply to the L+R Emerging Technology Accelerator Program, Apple Vision Pro Cohort visit etap.levinriegner.com.

About L+R

Founded in 2012, L+R is an international design & technology studio and boutique strategy consulting firm. L+R delivers value to SMBs and Fortune 500 companies by merging strategy and aesthetics with emerging technology. The interdisciplinary teams focus on education, business consulting, and digital technology production. For more information on L+R, visit levinriegner.com.


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