LUBEX Newly Launched Sapphire Ice-Cooling Hair Removal Device

MESA, Ariz., Nov. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — LUBEX is a brand specializing in beauty and personal care products and passionate about providing intelligent beauty solutions at home. We aim to innovate new technologies to better provide professional home beauty equipment and advocate for home beauty salon level care.

Adopts Sapphire Skin-Cooling Systerm

LUBEX today launches its upgraded sapphire hair removal device with ice cooling system(D-T003); A word about the “ice” functionality is known as “local epidermal cooling.” The high-powered light can be irritating to some people, and cooling the skin in that region can reduce the immediate irritation. This cooling effect is achieved via a Peltier junction semiconductor and a good thermo conducting material at the head of the IPL device (frequently sapphire or aluminum) that transmits the cold that the semiconductor generates to the skin.

The laser hair removal ice cooling utilises sapphire ice cooling technology, it adopts a flat head window design, which is relatively safe and mild, and maintains low temperature. It can reduce the temperature from 158°F to 46°F during the treatment process.This laser device causes almost no discomfort during use. Compared to other epilators, this IPL device (intense pulsed light) is easy to tolerate because the temperature range on the skin actually feels very cool.

Nearly Painless Hair Removal For Face & Body

LUBEX D-T003 uses unique sapphire refrigeration technology, which can make the hair removal icy and comfy, making users shake off the burning heat sensation. It always maintain the skin around 51-40°F to avoid injury.

This hair removal device adopts the new quick flashing technology, which provides shorter flash intervals and continuous high-speed flashed for easy hair removal, better skin covering and fewer missed parts, making hair removal more efficient, and it also can continue to be used indefinitely.

D-T003 has 3 models for different areas such as “body”, “bikini” and “face”. It’s very beginner friendly. The cooling feature does in fact work, so discomfort was minimal during use. It requires people to use it continuously for at least 6-8 weeks to achieve perfect hair removal effect.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair and Hello to Smooth, Silky Skin

Tips for Hair Removal: Hair removal tips for each body part

1.Hair removal in the armpits

Before hair removal, wipe off the antiperspirant, perfume, cream or other cosmetics applied in the armpits.

For areas with loose skin, stretch the skin with fingers and then removal hair, The slight burning sensation is normal when the skin is at the light outlet.

2. Hair removal in the bikini zone

For deeply pigmented and dark areas, please use the low level, and always use the level 1 before adapting.

3. Hair removal of hands and feet

Bones and uneven areas are more prone to pain than other areas.

LUBEX D-T003 Availability

Sapphire ice cooling system for women and men, permanent, painless hair removal device for whole body at home use. Available on Amazon. ($68.99 with code: PAC5E2PZ  11/20-12/15) 

Save even more for LUBEX another thorough and efficient IPL hair removal device D-1196B with latest fast flash technology for facial legs arms, pain-free. Available on Amazon. ($45.99 with code: PRD1196B 11/20-12/16)


Our team has concluded through clinical experiments that the product inhibits growth by destroying hair follicles through IPLs, while also innovating painless hair removal techniques.

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