Making of Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska” to get movie?

The making of Bruce Springsteen’s iconic 1982 album “Nebraska” could be headed to the big screen if rumors are any reason to believe.

They blew up the Chicken Man in Philly last night but will they greenlight a movie in Hollywood? Rumors are swirling that a film may be in the works about Bruce Springsteen’s iconic album “Nebraska”, released in 1982. A Bruce biopic seems almost like a given at this point in his life and career; that this supposed project will focus on his most unique and thematically heavy album  is all the more promising. Word right now is that Springsteen is in talks with director Scott Cooper, whose Crazy Heart, Out of the Furnace and Black Mass had some dark influences themselves. 

“Nebraska” – released between double album “The River” and his reigning best-seller “Born in the USA” – captures some of Springsteen’s darkest lyrics, with songs about people who, as he put it, “just get shot off somewhere where nothing seems to matter.” To give a more direct example, the opening song is about the Charles Starkweather spree killing, told from the perspective of the killer. So this isn’t your windows-down or jukebox Bruce album; this is the one you play at a campfire in silence or when the cold weather hits just right.

If there is one album in Bruce Springsteen’s discography to explore on a cinematic level, it is undoubtedly “Nebraska”. Recorded on a four-track cassette recorder in his bedroom (yes, in New Jersey) over a handful of winter days, “Nebraska” was intended to be a demo that would lead to an upcoming release with his E Street Band. Springsteen would release it as a standalone instead. On it, Bruce said, “If I had to pick one album out and say, ‘This is going to represent you 50 years from now,’ I’d pick “Nebraska.””

And so who could represent The Boss? As the movie still stands as just a rumor, obviously no one has been cast, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate. While Nick Jonas once expressed interest, I think an unknown actor might be best, somebody to capture that independent feel that can only come from a fresh face. Springsteen has been presented so many times on the big screen before – from cameos to Oscars to wonderful coming-of-age tributes – but has never been portrayed at this level.

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band will be hitting the road for their rescheduled tour dates beginning in March.

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