Maranatha Collective Unveils Debut Single “Long to Behold”
Maranatha Collective Unveils Debut Single “Long to Behold”

NAMPA, Idaho, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Maranatha Collective, an innovative global assembly of artists and disciple-makers, is proud to announce the release of their debut single, “Long to Behold.” This unique collective, comprising songwriters, graphic artists, fine artists, musicians, editors, and producers from around the world, aims to tell the story of what God is doing across the globe, especially in the most unreached and persecuted places. Maranatha Collective is part of Global Catalytic Ministries (GCM), the underground church whose journey began amidst the strict rule of the Ayatollah in Iran, expanded within the grip of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and now, within the heart of Islam in Mecca and 71 countries worldwide, covering 73% of the Middle East and 53% of the 10/40 window. This dedication to disciple-making and worship which they call “Moments to Movements” sets them apart from conventional music groups.

Maranatha Collective seeks to capture and share the unique sounds of burgeoning churches in places where the gospel has not been heard, prioritizing reaching the lost, making disciples, and fostering genuine worship, offering their music as a pure sacrifice to the Lord. This sacrificial approach aims to move God’s heart as disciples lay down their lives as sheep among wolves.

“Worship has been industrialized, turned into a machine, and losing its purity. Maranatha Collective’s mission is to call the global body of Christ out of this industry and back to a pure priesthood. We don’t want a Western sound imposed on diverse cultures like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, or the jungles of the Amazon. Instead, we want the Holy Spirit to inspire a unique, pure sound in each culture. God deserves worship that reflects every tribe and tongue, not a one-size-fits-all approach. Let the body of Christ, dressed in white, raise her voice, ‘Let the Spirit and the Bride say, Come’ (Revelation 22:17),” says Jose Diaz, Director of the Maranatha Collective.

With all proceeds supporting the underground church, their first single, “Long to Behold,” written by a 16-year-old disciple-maker from the UK, is a heartfelt composition calling believers to behold and worship Christ, capturing the anticipation and reverence of His second coming. Future releases, including “The Martyr’s Anthem” and a song from our Iranian team, build global unity through worship, sharing the transformative power of music It symbolizes Maranatha Collective’s goal to amplify the global sound rising from regions like Yemen, Libya, or Ukraine, where the church grows under challenging conditions. By sharing these unique sounds, they aim to tell the story of God’s work in places unreached by the gospel like the whispers of the persecuted church in Iran where singing out loud to Jesus Christ is a crime punishable by death.

Worshipers of the world unite. Join them in this mission to release a Psalm 110 volunteer army of songwriters and artists that prepares the way of the Lord! A heart posture that cries, “God, you do not owe me anything and I surrender everything!”

Get ready to be moved by “Long to Behold,” the debut single from Maranatha Collective. This powerful worship anthem beautifully captures the essence of longing for Christ’s return, with lyrics that paint a vivid picture of His splendor and glory. Feel the passion and reverence in every word as the song takes you on a journey of worship, reminding you of the imminent return of Jesus. With its stirring chorus and heartfelt verses, “Long to Behold You” is more than just a song—it’s a call to worship and a celebration of His promise to return to those He loves. Buy Now and support the underground church and be part of the rising global sound of worship!

About Global Catalytic Ministries

From leading the rescue of over 3,000 Christians and at-risk individuals during the Afghanistan pullout to chronicling the powerful stories of their underground church team in Iran through the documentary “Sheep Among Wolves Volume II,” Global Catalytic Ministries (GCM) is committed to making disciples in the most unreached places, embodying the essence of being true sheep among wolves as they bring the Kingdom of God to every nation, tribe, and tongue.


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