Neve Campbell would return to Scream “under the right circumstances”

Neve Campbell hasn’t ruled out a return as Sidney Prescott in the Scream franchise, having left after a pay dispute.

What’s your favorite scary movie? For many, it’s Scream. And for probably nearly as many, it’s hard to imagine the franchise without its star, Neve Campbell, who remains one of the most beloved final girls in the history of horror. And while Scream VI suffered partly due to her absence and she’s not currently signed on for Scream 7, Neve Campbell would consider rejoining the series “under the right circumstances.”

One has to wonder just what those circumstances would have to be. For starters, the studio could give Campbell the money she deserves, which is why Sidney wasn’t in Scream VI. With so much going on behind the scenes of the planned seventh installment – one-time director Christopher Landon is out, Melissa Barrera was fired, Jenna Ortega bailed – it might be the perfect opportunity to bring Neve Campbell back, something that fans and even screenwriter Kevin Williamson has been calling for.

As far as her take on the latest Scream, Neve Campbell told Variety, “I honestly don’t have [any] idea what their plans are…I know a lot has gone on around it and I’m sure they’re spinning a little bit at the moment.” Still, she wishes the production well wherever it may end up, adding, “These movies mean a lot to us and they mean a lot to the fans. I go to these conventions sometimes and I meet  the fans and they’re frantic about these films. They love them. These films mean a lot to them and these characters mean a lot to them. So even for their sake, I would love to see it continue.” This is completely in line with Campbell’s past support for the Scream sequels, even praising Scream VI, which was the first entry without Sidney Prescott.

The drama behind the scenes of Scream 7 has easily overtaken any hype there was. While Neve Campbell coming onboard would wash some of the slate, the filmmakers would have to do something interesting with her character, such as raising the stakes by involving her family, including presumed husband Mark Kincaid (Patrick Dempsey) as mentioned in 2022’s Scream.

Would you like to see Neve Campbell return for Scream 7? Could her involvement save the movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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