New York Rap Star 5ive Mics gifts Jim Jones Capo a custom pair of Stephon Marbury’s Latest Xavier3 brand sneakers

“Xavier3 Brands epitomizes a fusion of style and innovation that resonates with the essence of my music,” declares 5ive Mics, underscoring his enduring friendship with NBA icon and fellow Coney Island native Stephon Marbury. The synergy between his artistic vision and the cutting-edge designs of Xavier3 sneakers is a testament to the authenticity and creativity embedded in this collaboration.

As the anticipation builds, 5ive Mics gears up to release his highly awaited album, “The Drop is In,” in May 2024. Featuring an impressive lineup of tracks, the album includes collaborations with industry icons such as Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, DMX, Macy Gray, and more. Noteworthy is the significant collaboration of star-studded producers in the hip-hop world, including Vinny Idol, Lord Nez, Ted Smooth, Lord Jamar, Caviar and Scram Jones, adding a unique touch to the musical journey.

Executives from All Entertainment Media Group share their excitement about both the album and the Xavier3 sneaker brand:

Jeffrey Burton, CEO, and Co-Founder of AEMG  expresses, “This collaboration signifies a harmonious blend of music and fashion, setting the stage for a cultural phenomenon that transcends boundaries.”

Todd Napolitano, President, and Co-Founder of AEMG added, “We believe ‘The Drop is In’ and Xavier3 Brands will not only redefine the urban wear landscape but also leave an indelible mark on the global entertainment scene.”

Stay tuned for the groundbreaking release of “The Drop is In” in May 2024, as 5ive Mics and All Entertainment Media Group make waves across the realms of music and fashion.

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