Pacsun Hosted Pacsun Collective Farmer’s Market

Going beyond the conventional shopping experience, The Pacsun Collective Farmer’s Market put a spotlight on local talent and entrepreneurship. Guests were treated to complementary goods from a variety of Los Angeles-based vendors, including fresh fruit by Sorella Collective, plants from Mossy Homie, refreshing juices by In Season Juice, delicious baked goods from Moonbird Bakery and eco-friendly candles from Sach Goods. Representatives from each vendor were on-site to share their stories and products, fostering connections between consumers and local businesses. Additionally, the first 200 guests received a complimentary pair of Reeboks, courtesy of an exclusive airstream activation – a token from one of Pacsun’s long standing brand partners.

Throughout the morning, attendees were serenaded by live music from the talented musician Ivanna, who coincidentally recently released her new single “Never Know” on the same day, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the market. Guests also had the opportunity to browse a curated selection of vintage clothing from GOAT VINTAGE and explore Pacsun’s Denim build-out, featuring key viral styles from the seasonal collection.

Revealed at the event was a stunning mural commissioned by California based artist Steffi Tsai. The floral mural, adorned with the inspiring message “Create The Things You Wish Existed,” beautifully tied in with The Pacsun Collective branding and will be displayed in a DTLA marketing window throughout the season.

“At Pacsun, our mission is to inspire the next generation of youth by building community, particularly at the intersection of fashion, art and music, in innovative and collaborative ways,” said Tyler MacDonald, Associate Director of Brands at Pacsun. “The Pacsun Collective Market was truly a tangible celebration of The Pacsun Collection, while providing support for the growth of small businesses and artists in our community, memorializing their passions.”

All the vendors and talent involved in the campaign are recognized members of The Pacsun Collective, contributing creatively to the Pacsun brand.

Images from the event can be accessed HERE.


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