Soundskrit’s SKR0600 next-generation microphone combines flexibility with stunning SNR

Samples of the SKR0600 67.5dBA SNR directional analog microphone are available now! Samples of the SKR0610, the upcoming PDM compliment, will be available soon.

MONTREAL, April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – After the success of the SKR0400, now implemented in a breadth of consumer products, Soundskrit, a Montreal-based startup transforming audio in consumer electronics, announces today its next-generation product: the SKR0600 MEMS microphone. With an impressive 67.5dBA signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), these directional analog microphones provide pro-audio quality in a 3.50mm x 2.65mm footprint. In its standard configuration, the microphone exhibits a dipole polar pattern from 20Hz to 20kHz, though with the simple addition of an acoustic mesh the SKR0600 can be converted into any cardioid-based polar pattern.

The SKR0600 features an outstanding improvement in SNR, with an increase of 4dB compared to Soundskrit’s previous 0400 series of microphones. This high SNR, combined with hardware designed for directionality, creates an incredibly robust and flexible microphone. Where other MEMS microphones require multiple units for directionality, Soundskrit’s SKR0400s and SKR0600s achieve better directionality and cleaner sound, all in a single high SNR microphone.

As microphone sensitivity varies with port spacing, the high base SNR of the SKR0600 allows it to be integrated into smaller form factors than previously possible with directional or beamforming microphone solutions. Additionally, the transducer of the SKR0600 has been specifically designed so it can easily be configured to create hypercardioid, supercardioid, or cardioid patterns with minimal change in performance through the simple application of an acoustic mesh; patterns that traditional microphone arrays must sacrifice significant SNR to achieve.

“The SKR0600 provides directionality with an SNR level in line with best-in-class omnidirectional microphones,” says Stephane Leahy, Cofounder and VP of Hardware. “With an SNR of 67.5dB, the SKR0600 unlocks high performance in a variety of sound capture solutions. Use it alone or pair it with a collocated omnidirectional microphone to create exceptionally high SNR beamformers.”

This incredible microphone has garnered much interest with a new wave of emerging AR/VR and wearable devices. Thanks to its built-in directionality, the SKR0600 is the ideal zero-latency beamformer to bring natural hearing assistive features and real-time translation to its users. Pairing multiple of these microphones further enables highly realistic spatial recordings desired by so many mixed reality devices.

When pairing the SKR0600 with a traditional omnidirectional microphone, beamformers of greater than 70dB SNR and exceptionally high noise reduction can be achieved. Headsets can shorten the traditionally long boom arm without losing performance, and conferencing devices that have historically relied on large, outdated electret microphones can be refreshed.

Soundskrit’s SKR0600 series offers high SNR and directionality in a flexible and robust package, perfect for any application. With the upcoming release of a digital counterpart, the 0600 series will fit any need. Inquire about Soundskrit’s microphones on our contact sheet!

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Soundskrit, the audio technology company whose cutting-edge hardware and software are setting the pace for consumer audio experiences in the future. Their mission is to bring the next generation of high-performance audio-enabled experiences to consumer devices. No more interrupted calls, terrible voice processing, or noise cancellation that lets every surrounding sound in – Soundskrit is evolving the human listening experience so consumers can hear the impossible.

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