The Inner Circle Acknowledges, Joshua Cohen as a Top Pinnacle Life Member
The Inner Circle Acknowledges, Joshua Cohen as a Top Pinnacle Life Member

Dr. Cohen is an expert in Lasik surgery, advanced cataract surgery, and glaucoma. He explained that an ophthalmologist is a physician who undergoes subspecialty training in medical and surgical eye care. Following a medical degree, he said that a doctor specializing in ophthalmology must pursue additional postgraduate residency training specific to that field. Ophthalmologists prescribe medications to treat ailments, such as eye diseases, implement laser therapy, and perform surgery when needed. Ophthalmologists provide both primary and specialty eye care – medical and surgical. 

Dedicated to providing the latest innovations in his field, Dr. Cohen is a member of the AAO, is a Fellow of The Board of Opthalmology, and ACRS. When considering his success, the doctor attributes his mentors, Dr. G. Richard Cohen, his father; Dr. Sandeep Grover; and Dr. Steve Newman. He also believes that closely following his philosophy of combining core knowledge with clinical knowledge is a key to his accomplishments. The doctor cites his joining and growing his practice as major career highlights. In the future, he plans to provide continuous quality care for his patients.

Aside from his professional pursuits, Dr. Cohen enjoys tennis; drawing; working on his YouTube channel; and spending time with family.

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