The Office universe may be expanding; Greg Daniels meeting with writers this week

Greg Daniels will be meeting with writers on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of expanding the universe of The Office.

Shine your Dundie and break out the Jell-O mold because The Office may be coming back…sort of. After years of the threats of downsizing and mergers, the Dunder Mifflin universe is actually looking at an expansion, as showrunner Greg Daniels is planning on meeting with writers this week to discuss potential ideas.

With an ensemble cast that remains nearly unmatched in how they were utilized in both office-wide stories and through their own individual arcs, there would no doubt be plenty to explore in a spin-off of The Office. And there is plenty of fan support – hey, the Kickstarter for the failed Stanley Hudson spin-off raised well over $300,000. But it should be made clear that it’s likely that this project will “be set in a new office with new characters but live within the same world” as the hit NBC mockumentary.

So what does that mean exactly? As per Deadline, Daniels has said that this new project could find another documentary crew exploring a different subject. This – or, really, any plot and setting – could offer small roles or cameos for past favorites from The Office. That would just be a matter of who is available, who is game for such a return or who needs a quick paycheck. The US version of The Office and the original UK version were officially made part of the same universe in season seven when Ricky Gervais reprised David Brent in two episodes. However Daniels plans to work in the US version, its humor may be a bit different than before…

For those looking to get their fix of The Office, all nine seasons (with 201 episodes) are currently available to stream on Peacock. (You can also catch Gervais’ original there.) Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey also host a rewatch podcast. And if you really want to do a dive, you can catch Brian Baumgartner capitalizing on Kevin’s famous chili cold open at different cook-offs and contests.

Do you think an expansion to The Office universe is necessary at this point? What could make it work? Give us your take in the comments section below.

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