The Time Cleanse by Steven Griffith – A Modern Approach to Modern Time Management Problems
The Time Cleanse by Steven Griffith – A Modern Approach to Modern Time Management Problems

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Time is one of the most precious and valuable resources we have as people. Think about all the charts we’ve seen that break down our lives hour-by-hour, showing just how little of it we actually have after accounting for work, sleep, and other regulatory tasks. Time is a resource that can’t be reproduced or multiplied, so paying close attention to how we use our time is critical in a world that demands our time nearly every hour of the day, even when we try to sleep. The Time Cleanse, by Steven Griffith, is a best-selling book on Amazon because of how important the strategies are today. This powerful book has also been featured on Forbes’ top 20 recommended books on New Year’s resolutions and featured in an article in Oprah Daily.

The Time Cleanse Introduces Timefulness – A Meaningful Way to Change Your Relationship with Time-Being Present, Aware and Intentional with Time

The Time Cleanse is about your relationship with time, recognizing which activities are time toxins, and taking actionable steps to improve your relationship. Doing so gives you more time for the activities and people you love and increases your overall success.

The book introduces you to a revolutionary three-step process that accelerates your personal and professional goals. Through this ground-breaking process, you’ll rebalance your work-life relationship without sacrificing anything and regain at least one hour of the day, every day, to focus on what matters most to you. Those hours add up quickly and equate to over 14 full days. That’s 4% of an entire year!

The results from Griffith’s methods eliminate the pressure you feel in your life, either from professional or personal factors. The Time Cleanse also helps you stop making excuses that keep you from achieving your goals by getting you back the time you need. With this book, you’ll forge more meaningful memories with your time creating a legacy you’re proud of.

Key Takeaways From The Time Cleanse

The Time Cleanse is an important and influential read because of the extreme amount of ‘time toxins’ that steal your time. For example, every notification on your phone could turn into a spiral of lost productivity. This is an obvious example, and The Time Cleanse goes even further by helping you analyze the time you spend and then determine if it’s beneficial or toxic to personal progress. After working through and applying the updated time performance strategies in The Time Cleanse, you’ll find an abundance of time that you can use to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

If you’ve ever said that you don’t have time to do something, whether starting your own business or spending more meaningful time with your loved ones, getting a copy of The Time Cleanse is the first thing you should do after reading this. Don’t wait for it as a gift or treat it like a New Year’s Resolution; do it NOW.

Steven Griffith is a renowned coach and author who is a shining example of the transformative power of adversity. Over the years, he’s taught and coached the meaning of Timefulness, a key concept in The Time Cleanse to help people from all walks of life take back control of their life.

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