Three Key Factors to Consider When Building Strategic AI Solution Criteria: Insights From Info-Tech Research Group
Three Key Factors to Consider When Building Strategic AI Solution Criteria: Insights From Info-Tech Research Group

Info-Tech Research Group’s latest research insights offer structured methodologies for organizations to make informed decisions about their AI solutions. Emphasizing the importance of selecting the right AI solutions, the firm underscores in a new blueprint the critical need for clarity and strategic decision-making by IT leaders. Info-Tech also highlights that humans remain accountable even when using AI and must ensure that the responses are relevant, accurate, and free of bias.

TORONTO, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – As organizations embrace the transformative power of AI, they must also contend with various challenges in navigating the vast landscape of available solutions, such as the evolving needs of buyers and rapidly changing market offerings. Recognizing the critical need for clarity and strategic decision-making in the AI selection process, Info-Tech Research Group has published its blueprint, Build Your AI Solution Selection Criteria. The timely resource from the global IT research and advisory firm addresses the growing complexity faced by IT leaders in aligning AI technologies with their unique business requirements. By highlighting the essential need for a structured selection methodology, the resource aims to equip organizations with the tools and insights necessary to overcome hurdles, make informed choices, and harness the full potential of AI to drive innovation and gain a competitive advantage.

“During the process of AI adoption, it is essential for IT leaders to cut through the hype and select the right AI solutions for their organizations,” says Steve Willis, practice lead at Info-Tech Research Group. “Our research provides a guide to defining selection criteria for AI solutions. This includes conducting a self-assessment to identify the buying persona and differentiating capabilities that matter most to delivering on key AI use cases. Vendor evaluation tools to build targeted requirements and use cases for a short-list of vendors are next, to ensure that IT leaders are prepared to make the best decision for the organization.”

In the new blueprint, Info-Tech highlights the immense pressure on IT leaders to make decisions about AI solutions despite significant information gaps. This lack of information can often leave IT feeling underprepared, rushed, uncertain, and at risk of buyer’s remorse. The firm also explains that many current generative AI (GenAI) use cases are notional and untested, as the vision for these technologies is barely imagined, making it impossible for organizations to make future-proof decisions.

The firm advises that the distinction between AI platforms and solutions is most evident and stable when seen through the lens of a well-prepared buyer. Therefore, it is crucial for IT leaders to comprehend the needs of the vendors to make well-informed decisions.

In Build Your IT Solution Selection Criteria, Info-Tech Research Group highlights three factors that industry IT leaders need to consider when developing AI solution criteria. These factors include:

  1. Data will be the biggest challenge. Access to validated data for training and enhancing the models will determine the value an organization can generate from their AI solutions.
  2. The privacy of the data is paramount. It is essential for IT leaders to confirm how the vendor’s AI model will use the data and how long it will be retained.
  3. Humans are still accountable. The buyer retains accountability for how AI is used. Humans must ensure that the responses are relevant, accurate, and free of bias.

As explained in the firm’s blueprint, the benefits of significant AI investments typically take a year or more to outweigh the costs. However, organizations do not have the same amount of time to work with their solutions as AI has shifted from a backburner project to the primary focus of many organizations. Info-Tech recommends that organizations act quickly and responsibly to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced world.

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