Under guidance of heads of state diplomacy, China-Kazakhstan ties soar to new heights: China Daily editorial
Under guidance of heads of state diplomacy, China-Kazakhstan ties soar to new heights: China Daily editorial

BEIJING, July 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Facing an increasingly unpredictable geopolitical environment to its east and south, China has every reason to stabilize relations with its neighbors to the north and west, among which Kazakhstan is of unique strategic importance for not only its strengths in logistics, energy and resources, but also its strong regional influence as a major player in Central Asia.

Kazakhstan also attaches strategic significance to its ties with the world’s second-largest economy to its east. It is looking to strengthen bilateral economic cooperation and strategic coordination in a bid to drive its economic growth and maintain a favorable external development environment.

Working together, the two countries have turned the Belt and Road Initiative, which President Xi Jinping proposed during his visit to Kazakhstan in 2013, from vision to reality. That is evidenced by the tangible benefits Belt and Road projects have brought the Kazakh people and the fact that the inland country has been able to leverage the BRI to tap into its development potential against the overall Eurasian scenario. In the process, Kazakhstan has transformed itself from a not-so-eyecatching economy to both Europe and East Asia to a key logistics hub linked to almost all the major ports and industrial bases of the two global growth engines. In 2023, the trade volume between China and Kazakhstan reached $41 billion, a year-on-year increase of 32 percent, which was remarkable as global trade as a whole declined 1.1 percent that year.

Aside from the trade and economic aspects, what makes China-Kazakhstan relations all-weather is the two countries’ deep mutual political trust that originates from their similar positions on not only the principles of international relations but also how disputes should be settled.

Both countries champion the vision of common, comprehensive cooperative and sustainable security. And both are committed to acting as a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, and a defender of the international order. That explains why they jointly created a China-Central Asia cooperation mechanism, and maintain close coordination and collaboration in the United Nations, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia, among other multilateral platforms.

These efforts have helped to stabilize the whole of Central Asia. While the Red Sea and other sea routes are jeopardized by regional tensions, the peace and stability of Central Asia, with Kazakhstan as its backbone country, have contributed to stabilizing global industry and supply chains. By actively supporting each other’s constructive proposals for international cooperation, and taking resolute measures to safeguard their shared strategic, security, and development interests, the two neighbors have seen their mutual political trust continuously reach a new level over these years.

In that sense, both Beijing and Astana have enough reasons to take advantage of President Xi’s ongoing visit to Kazakhstan that started on Tuesday, which is his fifth visit to the country as the head of state, to renew their traditional friendship and deepen their all-round bilateral cooperation, taking the China-Kazakhstan permanent comprehensive strategic partnership to new heights.

To buttress the upgrading of the two countries’ partnership, China supports Kazakhstan participating in the BRICS cooperation mechanism, and it is willing to further promote greater synergy between Belt and Road cooperation and the development strategy of Kazakhstan at a faster pace, and further open its super-sized market to Kazakhstan. The two sides have set a new goal of doubling bilateral trade at an early date. To that end they can further deepen cooperation in traditional sectors, and enhance the efficiency of customs clearance at border ports. Meanwhile the two countries are looking to significantly unleash the potential for cooperation in high-tech areas, as indicated by the joint statement they issued and series of cooperation agreements they inked during Xi’s visit on new energy, the digital economy, artificial intelligence, cross-border e-commerce, aviation and aerospace. Building more industry and supply chains with high added-value in line with the green transition will inject new impetus into their cooperation.

Under the guidance of successful heads of state diplomacy, the two neighbors are jointly opening a new chapter for their friendly relations and drawing up a blueprint for closer cooperation.

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