Veyond, Inc. Announces New Wave of Virtual Artists and Vtubers, Pioneering the Future of Entertainment
Veyond, Inc. Announces New Wave of Virtual Artists and Vtubers, Pioneering the Future of Entertainment

FUKUOKA, Japan, March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Veyond Inc., a leading virtual human company, has today announced the launch of the “Unoun” virtual human project. Unoun is a multi-faceted virtual human with a keen interest on “Neo Tokyo” and “Harajuku Kawaii” themes.

Unoun possesses a unique personality and worldview, aspiring to spread the essence of “Kawaii” globally. Veyond plans to release content across various channels and domains, including music, video, fashion, gaming, illustrations, and traditional crafts, showcasing versatility and creative potential.

“Unoun” virtual human profile

Unoun Trailer
Unoun Official Website

In addition to the launch of the company’s new virtual human, Veyond is also debuting a new group of 3 Vtubers, aiming to transcend novel entertainment experiences through streams and content focusing on music, fashion, and gaming. The Vtubers details are as follows:

  • taroPoP: A Kansai dialect Vsinger, known for his engaging persona, musical talent, and love for cats, music, and games.

– Will stream titles like Dead by Daylight, Overwatch, Backpack Battles, and more.
YouTube, X, and Twitch Profiles

  • Emera: The self-proclaimed eternal 19-year-old, influenced by the Heisei era internet, with a passion for “kawaii culture” and Lolita fashion.

– Will stream titles like The Idolmaster Shiny Colors Song for Prism, Genshin Impact, Fashion Dreamer, and more.
YouTube, X, and Twitch Profiles

  • Rubiana: A vampire with a love for murder mysteries and Japanese subculture, combining noble origins with a down-to-earth attitude.

– Will stream titles like Apex Legends, Poker Chase, Mahjong Soul, Exit 8 and more.
Youtube, X, and Twitch profiles

VEYOND Vtuber Group Trailer – A New Creative Force
VEYOND Official Website

In celebration of its first-generation debut, Veyond will be hosting a social media campaign, exclusive to residents of Japan, offering exclusive prizes to 12 lucky winners. Participants are encouraged to engage with each talent’s campaign posts and follow their accounts for a chance to win. The deadline for entry will be March 22, 23:59.

About Veyond Corporation

Adopting the mission “Go beyond the border between reality and virtuality,” Veyond Corporation emerges as a leading group of artists dedicated to innovating within the virtual domain. The company leverages a creative team experienced in managing renowned IPs and utilizes technologies like generative AI to develop new services. Veyond’s initiatives include “U-no,” focusing on IP/creative fields, and “Sa-no,” applying creative insights to BtoB sectors.

Company Overview
Name: Veyond Corporation
Business: Vtuber/Virtual Liver Production, Creative, Consulting
CEO: Ryotaro Nakamura
Location: Fukuoka Growth Next, Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City

CONTACT: Rina Takei, [email protected] 

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